My First WAFL Order

When you place your first order, a WAFL driver will bring you a tagged laundry bag. You can then transfer your clothes into the bag or ask the driver to help you with the process. Once the clothes has been safely bagged, your laundry will be taken to the facility for cleaning. The WAFL bag is yours to keep forever!

How much laundry I can put in one bag?

As much as you want!

What Laundry Bag Should I Use?

You must use the reusable WAFL laundry bag. Each bag has a 25LB capacity and is free. All of the bags are made of highly durable fabric and are have “ECO2GO” certification. We will label your bag upon pick-up, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

For reference, women average of 15-17LBS of laundry per week and men average 18-20LBS of laundry per week.

When will The Bag Arrive?

Simply add the bag to the cart along with a standard laundry order and the driver will deliver it when they come to pickup your laundry. The driver will standby, and even assist you if requested, in transferring your laundry to the new bag. After the first order, you can continue to use the same bag.

When will my laundry be picked up ?

Your laundry will be picked up by one of our drivers within 20-30 minutes of order confirmation.

How Long Will the service take?

Your laundry will be washed, folded, and delivered the next day! Just choose a delivery time in checkout and your load will be dropped off within your selected time slot. We also offer an 8 hour rush service for an additional fee.

Who does my Laundry?

Your laundry is handled & cleaned by WAFL's professional launderers. All of our launderers have previous professional experience in the laundry service industry.

What’s Included?

  • Wash, Dry, & Fold
  • Free Pickup & Delivery
  • Next Day Delivery
  • Options Include air-dry and hypoallergenic.
  • Damage & Loss Protection

Do I have to separate lights and darks?

Of course not, that's our job!

Where Do I Leave My Laundry For Pickup?

Wherever you prefer! The driver will grab it right from you. If you prefer a non-contact delivery, please let your driver know in the order instructions.

What are your hours?

7 days a week, from 10 A.M. to 10 P.M.

What If My Clothes Are Lost Or Damaged?

We treat your clothes as if they were our own. Some precautions we take to ensure the safety of your clothes are:

  • Every laundry bag is tagged with a custom label.
  • Clothes are washed solely with cold water (unless requested otherwise)
  • Your clothes are under 24/7 surveillance in our facilities.

In the extremely rare case that your item is still lost or damaged, each bag will have an insurance policy of up to $1000. If you would like to make a claim, please fill put this form: Help Form

Do you wash clothes in cold or hot water?

Clothes are washed in cold water only, but if you want your clothes washed in hot water, you can make a request in the "special instructions" section.

Do you use fabric softener?

We do not use fabric softener – it damages fabrics and shortens the lifespan of your clothes.

Which laundry detergent do you use?

We only use the market's best quality detergents: Tide, Kirkland, and Drops.

Do my clothes get washed with other people’s orders?

No, each customer's laundry is washed separately.

Do you offer dry cleaning?

Not yet, but we will introduce dry cleaning along with other add-on services like spot treatment and shoe cleaning in the near future.

Let us handle the dirty work